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I've popped some in the post for you.

Washing: you want a pH of about 8, which isn't terribly helpful I know. I did have a look for some pH strips to send, but I couldn't find them (and suspect that they have a shelf life anyway), for about ten minutes.

Ideally, put a sheet of semi-rigid plastic (eg OHP sheet) in the bottom of the dish you're using, the float the clipping on the surface of the water and gently let it sink down, then pick up the plastic and lift it out in one go: the paper should stick to the plastic while the water drips off, then lay it inside the folded sheet of magic stuff. Ideally, put a sheet of blotting paper on either side and then put a flat thing with weights on top (eg, rigid chopping board with some books piled on it) as it dries. Change the blotting paper periodically. TBH, with newspaper you can probably just leave it out.
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