Date: 2014-09-17 10:34 am (UTC)
spiralsheep: I have a plan so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel (boz4pm Blackadder Cunning Plan)
From: [personal profile] spiralsheep
My number one rule is probably: never put something merely down if you could as easily put it away.

If you're taking down dusty curtains for washing (or similar), especially if they're large and/or you have a household member with dust allergies, then cover them from the bottom up in a bin bag, tie it over the rail, undo whatever fastenings are holding the curtains up, then undo the bin bag and carry the curtains down or tie the top and drop them (yes, you can reuse the bin bag in the bin). I've suggested this to so many people who never seem to have encountered it before.

Those mostly burned down candles-in-pots people throw away because they can't light them without burning their fingers? Dried spaghetti generally makes an ideal spill for lighting awkward to reach wicks &c.

Oh, and putting a rubber band around your paint pot so it bisects the mouth of the pot and can be used to wipe excess paint off your brush rly is a great idea.

::goes to hang up washing::
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